Grass-Born, -Fed, and -Finished Lamb

Certified Naturally Grown & rotationally grazed lamb

We are proud to raise sustainable, regenerative, and 100% grass-born, -fed, and -finished lamb in Nelson County, Virginia.

Our flock consists of the finest quality and registered St. Croix sheep, a breed known for its foraging intelligence, mothering abilities, extreme parasite and disease resistance, hardiness, docility and temperament, and excellent meat that has a fragrant and sweet aroma (Slow Food USA’s ‘Ark of Taste’ has ranked St. Croix sheep as one of the top meats due to its delicate taste and low-input/sustainable growth abilities).

All of our sheep are born, fed, and finished on pasture and thrive in our management-intensive and rotationally grazed holistic pasture systems.