100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef

Management Intensive Grazing Meets Permaculture

We are proud to raise sustainable, regenerative, and 100% grass-fed and finished beef in Nelson County, Virginia. We proudly raise the Irish Dexter, a heritage breed known for its size, hardiness, docility, mothering skills, and ability to finish remarkably well on grass.

One of the fundamental reason we raise Irish Dexters is that their “impact” on pasture can be as hard or as light as needed. Since they are a smaller breed, with mature cows weighing around 60 to 70% of your typical Angus cow, Dexters can thrive in many diverse situations. This means that, during droughts or monsoons, spring or winter, we can utilize common sense and intensive pasture management to benefit both the land and herd.

The ultimate pasture force, our cattle are intensively managed using rotational grazing practices meshed with permaculture philosophies to produce healthy food on healthy soil. Moved as frequently as typography, pasture grasses, and precipitation demand (up to three times a day), our intensively managed herd regenerates the land using its hooves to aerate the soil, its excrement to deposit organic matter and nutrients in the pastures, and its stocking rate to trample weeds and un-palatable invasive species while producing some of the highest-quality beef around.

All the beef we sell is born on the farm. 100% transparency is our fundamental tenet in all our operations and our cow-calf operation ensures the best and most transparent products for our customers. We breed for great maternal instincts and traits: exceptional fertility; longevity; inherently good body condition; good udders; good feet and legs providing good locomotion; disease and parasite resistance and resilience; calving ease and health; young age at puberty; gentle and temperate dispositions; and great mothering ability.

Our rotational grazing system provides continually lush pasture for our herd to consume and transform into delicious, tender, and health-giving food without the use of medicated feeds, antibiotics, or supplements.