Hub Overview

What is a Hub?

A "Hub" is an economically efficient and ecologically abundant community of educated consumers dedicated to supporting deeply healthy and local food, while developing a personal relationship with their farmer and not sacrificing modern convenience.

Hub Members receive discounted rates and special access to on-farm events and education. Each "hub" is setup and managed by a Hub Master, who acts as the community organizer and host of the meat deliveries.

"Hubs" are different from community-supported agriculture (CSAs) in that members select their twice-monthly deliveries from the large array of available farm products and are not locked into items which are predetermined by the farmer.

How does it work?

Our goal with the Hubs is to increase the convenience of buying from your local farmer without adding unnecessary costs or emotional/physical distance between you and your farmer.

Becoming a member is easy! Below are the simple steps:

  1. Fill out the form below by entering your information and selecting the closest Hub in your community.
  2. Then, our team will reach out to you to introduce ourselves, learn more about you, and schedule your farm tour.
  3. To finalize membership, a $50 yearly deposit is required to cover infrastructure, delivery, and food-handling costs.
  4. Ongoing: members place orders no later than one week before the twice-monthly delivery and pickup their ordered meats at the Hub Master's pick-up site.

Step #1

Tell us about yourself!

Step #2

Select a Hub