Good Press; Happy Customers


"I visited Timshel Permaculture Farm this spring. I was looking for a new source of pasture-raised, organic soy-free grain fed chickens as I was hoping to be able to stop raising them myself. Until I toured the farm and learned from Daniel and Morgan their methods of raising chickens, I did not know of anyone else in the area who raised such nutrient-dense chicken - I'd had to raise my own for several years to get what I wanted. I was very happy to realize that their farming methods were exactly in line with my very high standards of care, feeding, and land management. I brought home a chicken to try and was thrilled that all of the above also resulted in a very tasty chicken! Our community is blessed to have Timshel Permaculture Farm producing such responsibly raised, nutrient-dense food for our well-being."

"I went to Timshel Permaculture last week to learn more about agroforestry. Daniel showed me around his farm and took a lot of his valuable time to make sure all of my questions were answered. Picked up a couple of chickens while I was there. I have to say, it was unlike any experience I have ever had with a production bird. The birds I bought had a very well balanced size. Large breast AND legs!! I have never had a production bird with such large flavorful legs before. Normally it's just huge breast sitting on tiny little twig legs. It tasted beautiful, it looked beautiful, and I know the bird was cared for. If you are looking for integrity food in the area this is the place to go. Wonderful people making great decisions to heal the land. Thank you guys!!"

"I picked up our pork today and had a pork chop with dinner. Both my husband and I thought the pork tasted wonderful. Thank you!"