Grass-Fed is an Understatement.

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We are a team of Emergent Conservationists

We are a regenerative and holistically-managed farm in Nelson County, Virginia, growing nutrient-dense and phyochemically-rich foods, healthy soil, and biodiversity on organically-managed, sustainable, rotationally-grazed, and carbon-sequestering pasutres and forests.

Holistic Abundance for Regenerative Nourishment.

We were founded in May 2017 in Nelson County, Virginia to help restore and regenerate the triumvirate of health—the health of people, the health of the earth, and the health of such components’ interactions—to foster ecologically harmonic, diverse, purposeful, natural, and life-abundant systems.

Savory Institute Hub

Holistic Management Courses and Consultations

We are Virginia’s Hub Candidate of the Savory Institue, a global organization focused on the large-scale regenation of our grasslands.

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100% Grass-Fed & Finished Heritage Beef

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